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A few years ago, when I first began to pray James 1:5 over my family’s food, I had no idea that the Lord was going to fill my brain with so much knowledge! Today, I have learned about healing so many ailments through food and herbs that my brain is going to explode if I don’t spread the wealth of wisdom that I’ve been gifted with. What good is all this information if I don’t use it to help others, right? So, as in all other ventures, I prayed and fasted over what the Lord would have me do with my gift. I have been told that I need to write a book, I’ve chatted with people one-on-one about healing their sicknesses, and I’ve continued to learn about more than I ever dreamed possible! I was overwhelmed with the amount of people who were coming to me for help. My heart ached for their hurts, and my brain hurt from all the research. I knew that I needed to do something big to help reach all of God’s hurting people, but I didn’t know what to do…


Then, this Summer, I attended a local coffee house’s worship night, and while there, a man, whom I had never met before, approached me and said, “I have a Word for you from God…”

I was ready to listen, but somewhat taken aback by this random stranger’s words. He continued, “…he’s placed a dream and a vision on your heart. You know exactly what it is that He’s called you to do. He wants me to tell you that you need to stop searching for how to make this happen. It’s going to come right to you. Right into your own house.”


The guy could’ve been a total whack-job, or he could’ve been an angel sent by God. I wasn’t feeling up for fighting against what might have been the Lord’s command, also I wasn’t feeling in tip-top shape that month (more on that in another post), so I did what I felt was acting in obedience and hung out at home. I watched the news, continued with research, homeschooled the kids, and cooked meals. I was itching to help others and struggled with this stillness command…and then, it happened.

My husband joined a Christian Motorcycle Club, and I absolutely loved seeing how it was transforming my shy-about-faith man into a Warrior who was on-fire for spreading the Gospel! I adored this MC so much that I gladly opened my home for several of the local crew to gather and spend the night when an event happened in town. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was to house the International President and Founder for the entire weekend! That came as a last-minute shock to both my husband and me, but an honor at the same time. I spent more than we could logically afford on groceries for feeding the masses, because my conviction to living Holistically is one that reaches all the way down to the core of my being. I can’t fathom feeding people contrary to God’s word while they’re under my roof. I was prepared to receive criticism and ridicule over the organic and gluten-free foods I was prepping, when instead, I was probed on why I feel so strongly about food in the first place. After a very short conversation in my kitchen, the Big Boss decided that he didn’t want to hear any more until we had a camera set up to capture all that God has taught me on Facebook live. (Click here to watch the Video with DCMC President, James Johnson on Autism, holistic nutrition, and club life. )


I was sweaty, shaky, and nervous, but excited, to say the least. Earlier that week, I shared with my husband a verse that the Lord laid on my heart:


I shared this with him and a few others expressing how God has been speaking this over my life. I feel like He is saying that we should be reaching at least 10 people at a time because of the way we live our lives…but it goes even deeper for me. I feel like 10 people is only a starting point. I don’t just want to reach 10. I want to reach thousands with the Word of living abundantly and honoring God with our bodies! Thousands!

….that night, after we wrapped on the short Facebook live video (and after showering the nervous sweat off), I remembered the man from the coffee shop. It occurred to me that I did nothing to prompt this video and all of its responses other than live my calling within my own home. Since then, I’ve been even more overwhelmed than before with people reaching out for answers on using food to heal them and their families! I now know what step is next, and I’m so excited about what the future holds! My husband and I had a long discussion last night, and we came up with both short-term and long-term goals. I’ve created a road map and checklist for achieving these things, and I cannot wait to start releasing all the information that has been storing up in my brain over the years!
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With Loads of Love,


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