December Daisy


God uses everyone.

My kids are homeschooled, so we like to get them out in the big, wide world whenever time permits so that they can socialize with other kids. Homeschooling has given our family so many opportunities that a traditional school’s schedule would never be able to permit. We get to explore our city and all that it has to offer all in the name of social skills and hands-on learning. Because of the booming film industry, we’ve gotten the chance to play various background roles in all sorts of movies and tv shows. It’s been an awesome hobby for my husband and me, as well as a great learning experience in work ethic and finances for the kids.

Recently, my oldest son acted in a scene for an upcoming Christmas movie. He played a big brother to a sweet girl, named *Daisy. The scene was simple, and you may not even see him when the movie shows in the theaters. However, Daisy’s mom and I got to watch their heart-warming connection over and over again as the production crew shot 7 hours worth of different angles for the scene. The Production Assistant had no idea that he was being the hands of Jesus when he paired those two together, but I will never forget what Daisy did for my son’s heart that day.

You see, Daisy was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Her development, both physically and mentally, is forever damaged due to her biological mother’s alcohol consumption during her pregnancy. Daisy requires more patience than a typical child her age as well as a dash of humility. These are both qualities that my son has been gifted with, but has lost sight of due to this wild year of life changes for our family. I thought that his nurturing spirit was lost forever, but God knew exactly how to reach my boy and reignite the passion within him. I watched as he tenderly wrapped his arm around Daisy to bring her back into the scene each time she got distracted. I saw the glimmer in his eyes when he smiled at her candycane jokes-a look that’s impossible for him to fake; no matter how many acting classes he’s taken. What I loved the most was how my son chose Daisy every single time after the Director yelled, “Cut!” He sat next to her, walked beside her, and played with her while the other kids horsed around.

I’m not saying all of this to brag about my child, although I’m pretty dang proud of the young man he is growing up to become. This is really to express my gratitude to Daisy’s mom. Thank you for letting your daughter’s light shine shamelessly; especially in the cinematic world of apparent perfection. Because of Daisy and all of the other Daisy’s of the world, we have opportunities to practice gentleness. If our lives were free of children and adults with special needs, how would we know tenderness? This world can be such a scary place, and from time-to-time, I fear for my boys’ futures. Then, there are warm December days when a tiny, bouncy girl steps onto the scene, and the Lord reminds me that His hands are bigger than my own. Once again, it is well with my soul.
* name changed for privacy reasons


3 thoughts on “December Daisy

  1. This is beautiful. Your boy is already a man or at least encompasses the attributes of someone mature and empathetic, which usually takes quite a while for anyone to grow into. Good job mom! 🙂

  2. Beautiful Cathi :-)! God works through our children so beautifully. Thank you for sharing. Put a smile on my heart~ Rachel

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