So, I’m writing a book…

Yes, this is true. I have had lots of encouragement from friends and family, and I decided to make a go for it. The final decision came when my husband called me and basically gave me a direct order. That was last year. I have avoided telling people about this, because I didn’t want a world of people to be aware of my attempt. You know, just in case I failed. I gave myself a deadline of Thanksgiving, 2014. Some people might be thinking, “Oh! She’s got 6 months, piece of cake!” but those who understand writing are probably thinking, “Whoa girl. You’re screwed.” I’m thinking the latter too. I know that once I sit down at the computer, and start, everything just flows together. But usually, once it starts flowing, it doesn’t stop for several hours. I have way too much going on to sit at the computer for several hours at a time. Also, I feel like a bum when I sit all day. And then I start to wonder if I’ll ever even finish it. And if I don’t ever finish it, I will have wasted all of those hours sitting at the desk. Even now, I poured my coffee, grabbed a blanket, and sat down to finish my current chapter. Instead, I went to my blog. I realize I’m writing about writing, and now I’ve gone cross-eyed. 

      So, I need your help everyone! Please! Anytime you read or think about reading, can you do me a favor and send me a text to get me motivated? You can come up with one of your own, or I’ve prepared a list of text presets for you:

  • “Go write, you pathetic excuse for a writer!”
  • “If you don’t write, I’m unfriending you on Facebook.”
  • “Writers write, and you suck.”
  • “Do you really want to be a failure at life?”

Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking that those presets are a bit too harsh, so I’ve prepared a list for the meek at heart:

  • “Cathi, sweetheart, how’s your writing coming along?”
  • “Hello, dear friend, I just want to offer you some encouragement in your writing today!”
  • “I believe in you, Mrs. Writer!”
  • “I can’t wait to read your book one day VERY soon!”

And for those of you who are impartial to my feelings and want to call me out:

  • “So, tell me your most recent sentence.”
  • “How’s Chapter __ coming along?”
  • “Need an editor’s eye? Send me your chapters.” (This one is reserved for a VERY select few of my CMW ladies or other Grammar experts.)
  • “Count up how many times you’ve used the word “the” in your last paragraph. Multiply that by 60. Add 4. Subtract 20. Divide it by 2. That’s how many minutes you have to finish the next paragraph.”

Thank you, friends! I look forward to your encouragement and butt-kicking. This book is happening, folks! I will be keeping a list of you all for my acknowledgements! 



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