Sin vs UTI’s

In Younglife, we use the picture of lowercase “s” and capital “S” to describe sin. “s-in” would be what most people consider sin to be, such as sex before marriage, drugs, drunkenness, adultery, murder, stealing, and so on. “S-in” is a heart turned away from God. When we do “bad” things, those are just symptoms of a heart that is turned away from God. So basically, “s-in” is a sneeze, cough, or itch, and “S-in” is a virus, infection, or disease. You can’t just stop “s-inning” without ending your “S-in”. Sure you can go to AA meetings, return what was stolen, or go to marriage counseling, but other “s-ins” will keep popping up until you turn your heart back to God.

To break it down…first, you Sin, then you sin. So, the actual Sin is turning your heart away from God. Then we reveal all of the symptoms of our broken heart by sinning.

Try explaining that to Teenagers in 12 minutes or less!

More breaking down of it?
Sure, I can do that for you!

“s-in” hurts other people; family, friends, teachers, neighbors
“S-in” hurts you and your relationship with God.

I hope this helps you to explain sin to someone who might not fully understand it yet. But, it’s been a heart-heavy day, so I need to move on to something lighter…like urine. ((Ew…did she just say urine? Yes, yes she did.))

So, for the past couple of months, I thought that I had something seriously wrong with my bladder, but it turns out it was just a UTI ((Come on, Cathi…tmi, seriously)). The only reason I am coming out of the closet about this is because military wives need to be aware of the silent killer, which is the UTI. If your um….er…marital bliss is interrupted often due to the military stealing your man away all the time, then you need to remember to protect your lady stuff! …okay, maybe I shouldn’t say lady stuff, but what would you call it to be discreet? I can’t cough and point down there. This is a blog, folks. Plus, this is me, and I tend to be…como se dice…real? So, listen girls…if your man is gone for a long time and home for a short time, then do yourself a favor and head over to Rite Aid and grab a bottle of Cystex. 1 tablespoon a day keeps the UTI away! I forgot about it when my husband visited over the Summer, and I paid for it by running to the bathroom ever 5 minutes.

What did we learn tonight?
Sin is bigger than sin and buy Cystex or pee your pants.


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