Married–Living Apart–Stress–Arguments–and an Apology

My husband returned from deployment in May, but has been living in a different state while awaiting orders to PCS. Living apart for over a year and a half has been really taking a toll on the whole family. We’re in this for the long haul, but our current situation is just so frustrating! We’ve gotten in 2 stress-induced arguments in the past week, and we are the type of couple who rarely argues. We’re compensating for each other’s absences, and that’s messing with the natural order of our lives. The “why” of the arguments is easy to diagnose, but the “what” that’s going to come out of them…that’s TBD. We need to not let these arguments become bigger than we can handle apart, so after sleeping on it last night, I decided to try to end this one through creative and cheesy writing:

Apology Poem

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways:
The dimple on your cheek
On your hairless face,
The way that you walk,
With Your flat-footed swagger,
Your spyware knowledge–
My human defragger.
Your little cheat codes,
Like Percent temp percent,
You know it all,
But still sometimes pretend.
The games that you play
To annoy me on purpose,
Put frustration away,
Bringing laughs to the surface.
The stress that we’re facing
Is not with each other,
But it’s safe to put blame
On the father or mother.
Some just don’t get it,
But we get what we’ve got.
We get it the best,
Because we get what we’re not.
What we aren’t is together,
That’s obviously so.
What we are is forever,
So let’s let this fight go.
I’ll say it first,
Since you said it last,
I’m sorry, dear husband,
Let’s put this one in the past.

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