57 Weeks and Perfume Models

I’m in sort of an awesome mood right now, and I’m usually not after grocery shopping. But this trip to the store was different. I mean, it had all of the ingredients for a recipe of frustration, like Idan constantly standing up in the cart, Cole limping and saying he can’t walk, brotherly bonding through punching, totally unnecessary screams, and it was ridiculously packed for Superbowl Sunday. I should’ve been boiling blood in my brains and practicing lamas through the check out line, but nah. Not this time. This time, I was too focused on grabbing an extra package of center cut bacon, Edy’s Drumstick ice cream, orange juice with lots of pulp, and a few snacks that are my husband’s favorite! R&R is so close that I’m actually grocery shopping for him! I’m so excited, and I want that day to hurry up and get here already! But, I’ve still got a little more waiting to do. As I’ve said since day 1, “soon.”

Activity #57: I’m a Perfume Model

So, I was flipping through a magazine the other day, and I usually ignore those bulky perfume adds, but I spaced out a little and ended up staring at it until I realized how stupid those things are! Not only that, but they’re all the same! Most of them show messy hair in the face, a naked chick with ribbons or something covering all the lady parts, and these weird, angry faces. It’s as if the ad is saying, “I am naked, sloppy, and angry. Don’t you want to smell like me?” Anyway, I decided to remake a few of my favorites. Enjoy!





Don’t worry folks, I didn’t actually get that close to kissing the vampire or biting Bieber’s ear. I’m a married woman, and I don’t wanna catch fever or a cold. (Haha…totally just made that up on the fly. High five, me!) until next week, send your crazy to me, since I’m going there anyway!

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