54 Weeks and Lights, Camera, Laughter!

I remember sitting with my iPad on Monday night, chatting with my husband online about how R&R is so close yet so far. We are both so eager to see each other, and as the day inches near, we are getting more and more impatient. Then I realized how busy my week was about to get. This week was filled with milestones and goals that I remember thinking about a couple of months ago! I was up early every day and in bed late every night, but all of my goals were met, and Today was a wonderful Sabbath from all of the hard work!

Some people think that the toughest time in a deployment is in the beginning. While day 1 is really a sad day, it’s also the most motivational day. “Let’s do this!” “Let’s get this deployment started so it can end!” Then, there are the middle months. You get into a groove, and then BOOM! Holidays! Birthdays! Anniversaries! “Maybe those might be the hardest?” you ask. Nope. Those aren’t the hardest times either. Sure, they’re emotional from time-to-time, but they’re also so busy! Remember, busyness is the Military Wife’s best friend during a time of separation. So, holidays keep a woman plenty busy. These days, though…these days that are countable, these days that are found on the same page, these days that are spent making plans with our husbands in mind…these are the toughest days. This is when my patience grows thin. This is when I begin making grocery lists, and buying what’s on sale, because it’s “Dad’s favorite.” This is when I make babysitting plans for date night, pick out my outfit for when I pick him up at the airport, and decide to go ahead with the flu shot  -just in case- so that we don’t get sick while he’s home. This is when I hear the ticking of the clock. I never heard it, all of these months, until now. It ticks SO DANG LOUD! It echoes throughout the entire house, and taunts me as I walk up the stairs to go to bed! It’s that constant, second-by-second reminder that the time is slowly drawing closer, but it’s not here yet. That clock reminds me of the clock from Deployment Day, at the ceremony. The calendar used to be my enemy, and now it’s that stupid clock!


‘tick, tick, tick, tick–‘


‘tick, tick, tick–‘


‘tick, tick—“


‘no. I don’t tock. I don’t talk either. I’m just a clock. You’re the freak, Cathi.’

“Whooooa…I am a freak.”


Activity #54: Just a producer and crew…shooting some footage in my Kitchen, no biggie.

A couple of months ago, I started volunteering for an online Christian Military Wives Magazine. It’s been so much fun, and such a neat bonding experience with other military wives! Somehow, through that, I got hooked up with an opportunity to be on a certain show (not to be named just yet, because it may make it’s debut on here at a later date). Two other Military wives and I attended the open casting call and made it to the point of having a crew over to create an in-home casting video. If our group is selected, this video will be used when the show airs. I can never look at reality TV the same after this. My heart goes out to the camera person’s back and arms, and I am such a big fan of producers! What a job!

Anyway, I spent Thursday night cleaning like mad, and decided to steam mop my floors Friday morning, before the crew arrived. Just a word of advice: if you ever have a crew at your house like this, don’t steam mop your floors. Huge waste of time! Ron, the audio guy, hooked us up with mics. Alan, the camera guy, powdered our noses all pretty. Then, Kelly, the producer, got to working her magic! Mostly everything was shot in my kitchen, which is where I spend the majority of my time, so it felt so natural for me. I had the best baby sitter in the world, Lehren, to keep the kids AND the dog upstairs while the filming was going on. The boys got to be in a few shots, as well, and Idan was so excited to “get in the TV”.

I thought it knew it all with pressing the red button on my phone to record...

I thought it knew it all with pressing the red button on my phone to record…

I love having a kitchen full of hungry people!

Here’s the Scene! Right at the kitchen sink, where I do most of my chatting. 😉

I thought I would be nervous, but having some amazing girlfriends on either side made it feel like any regular day in my kitchen. This was such a unique experience, but the neatest part, for me, was sharing marriage advice and life stories with a woman from the other side of the country, in my own home. It’s so neat how God can bring people together to touch each other’s lives in such a special way. I hope you enjoy the vanilla, Kelly, and I hope to see you again someday! 🙂

Rachel, Me, Kelly, Linda

Rachel, Me, Kelly, Linda


Until next week, send your crazy to me, since I’m going there anyway!



4 thoughts on “54 Weeks and Lights, Camera, Laughter!

  1. You steam mopped the floors? I am now shaking my head, laughing and saying “I told you not to clean!” I can’t wait to get home to use that vanilla in a batch of home made ice-cream. Yum. Thank you so much for letting us invade your home. You are an amazing lady with 2 ridiculously cute kids, and, from the way you talk about him, a pretty awesome husband. And you make your own BUTTER!

    • Hahahaha I love that you’re still so stoked about my butter! I guess I’ll have to put that as number one on my résumé if I ever decide to work outside of the home. (Btw, I totally got auto corrected on the word “resume”. I have no idea how to find those fancy E’s)

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