48 Weeks and my Christmas Dog

     I’m a day late in my posting for this week, because I had family in town for my sister’s wedding, and then my video editor was giving me problems. So, I called it quits last night and tried again this morning. I finished editing the video, and sat down to write. Just as I began my weekly update, I received a message from a dear friend and fellow military wife. She was just given some difficult medical news, but she’s handling it with such grace. God’s strength shines through her in an incredibly remarkable way! Initially, I wanted to put my face into my hands and cry for her trial and the hurt of her family, but I took a deep breath instead and kept my head looking up. I’m constantly telling my Young Life friends the truth of difficult times. We aren’t to focus on the darkness and the pain, but the lesson that is hidden in the darkness through the pain. My friend has already set her mind to things above. So, I need to follow her lead, which is ultimately Christ’s lead.

     Ever since the day I got married, my life has been filled with one countdown after the next. Countdown til move day, countdown til delivery date, countdown til he comes home, countdown til move day again, countdown til move day after that, countdown til FTX, countdown til deployment, countdown til R&R, countdown til redeployment, countdown til move day, countdown til end of business trip, countdown til next business trip, repeat the cycle a few times, and now we’re back to countdown til R&R, countdown til redeployment… I exhaust my own self in all of my counting. My biggest countdown is “7 more years”. I say that to myself over and over again when I’m really missing him. “7 more years, Cathi. He retires in 7 more years. You can do this.” But, that 7 year countdown should, theoretically, mean that all of my counting down is over once retirement day comes and goes. But R-Day has come and gone for my friend and her husband. Now, comes another countdown…another struggle.(Focus on the lesson, Cathi…not the darkness and the pain).

     There’s a lesson in the countdowns. There’s something to be learned by the days gone by and the ones that I can see in the far distance. That red circle around a certain day on my calendar is not  my ultimate goal. The goal is today. What difference am I going to make today? Whose life am I going to touch today? I remember picking through the $1 bin at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, and I found a stack of note cards that had a picture of  a girl in her bed. Her arms were raised in the air out of excitement. It was morning, and there is a calendar on the wall behind her. The calendar doesn’t say what month or year it is. It just has the number 1. Our days should always start out that way. Every day is number 1. Every day is the beginning of whatever you choose. At the bottom of that note card, it says “DON’T COUNT THE DAYS…MAKE THE DAYS COUNT”. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to look forward to an exciting event in the future, so long as we treat today with excitement and urgency as well. I’m so grateful for God’s wake-up calls when I’m feeling my most frumpy and grumpy. Today, he has reminded me that my days are just as valuable apart from my husband as they are when we are together. I’m going to make today count!

Activity #48: Christmas Dog

     Hello, December! After my lack of holiday cheer during the Thanksgiving season, I decided that I needed to make up for it at Christmas time somehow. So, naturally, I bought Ace a Chrsitmas sweater, and taught him how to read. I didn’t know he had such a cool voice! He’s been wasting it by barking all the time! What do you think? Am I so clever and creative? Or have I really lost it this time?

     Either way, that just happened. Haha Feel free to share this video and brighten someone’s day! If they don’t think it’s cute, at least they’ll be happy that they’re not struggling from psychosis like I am. Until next week, send your crazy to me, since I’m going there anyway!

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2 thoughts on “48 Weeks and my Christmas Dog

  1. I just think you are the GREATEST! How fun you are, you really are making your boys childhoods so memorable, this video makes me wish you were my mom! haha. Great message too, God Bless you Cathi!- Angela Mitchell

    • HAHAHA Thanks, Angela! The constant support of great friends and family is what keeps me thinking positive. When I start to drift from trusting in God’s faithfulness, He speaks to me through friends to help me remember that He’s got this. All I have to do is delight in Him and show my children how to do the same. Let me know if you ever want me to do a video for you and your family! I have time 😉

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