42 Weeks and Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts

     For a few weeks there, it seemed like my husband and I were losing ourselves in this new norm. He was one with the mission, and I was morphing into a character that was a mix between Blair Waldorf, of Gossip Girl, and Pam, from The Office. My lonely nights were spent clicking “next episode” on Netflix, trying to stop my mind from wondering,

‘Is he awake?’

    ‘How did he sleep?’

        ‘Did he sleep at all?’

            ‘Does he have anyone to talk to?’

                ‘Is he afraid?’

                   ‘Does he even know what fear is anymore?’

                       ‘Is he trapped in this new world just like I am?’

                           ‘Will this ever end?’

                               ‘God, stop my mind from racing, please…’

                                   ‘Next episode, Cathi…next episode.’

    It seems as though we’ve made it out of that slump and into our next “up phase”. We’re communicating a lot more often, and he’s been sharing more about his frustrations (without interfering with OPSEC, of course). We are each other’s best friends, and it hurts me to sense that he’s hurting, angry, or burnt out. It’s worse when there is absolutely nothing I can physically do to help him. These past couple of weeks, our prayer warriors have been on top of it! God has done what He tends to do, and He’s “healed the broken-hearted…” (Ps 147:3). My activities are wonderful coping strategies, and you should totally try one of them, or even some of your own, but nothing can take the place of talking your fears over with God. TV can’t cleans your mind, a good book can’t calm your fears, and listening to music won’t drown out the echo of the silence that is a constant reminder of your loneliness. Only the peace that comes from the gentle hushes of the Lord will calm you into sweet dreams and wake you with joy and gratitude. Take few moments to whisper to Him, and He will rock you to sleep as you talk, casting every care onto Him as quickly as you let the words slip out of your mouth. That’s peace, my friends. Ain’t nothing else like it.

Activity #42: Dunkin Donuts Coffee at Starbucks

     My husband’s Android-turned-iphone-buddy (sorry you had to find out this way sweetheart…he’s turned to the dark-side) joined me for this one! The boys got to be around a dude for a bit, and it would’ve probably been cooler if they weren’t stuck at Starbucks, but nevertheless, dude-time went down. I turned Nolan C. into a Dunkin Donuts believer! I picked up 2 cups of pumpkin coffee along with 2 hot chocolates for the boys. Next, I hopped over to Starbucks to buy one single pumpkin spice latte. Then, we drank and sat in the steel chairs with the sun beaming down on our faces…seriously, those umbrellas are useless. The only thing that could turn me into a Starbucks believer would be a playground. I’d sacrifice taste and cost for a jungle gym and some monkey bars for my kids…but please, no swings. I love pushing my kids on the swing, but not during the perfect coffee temperature time period.

Hey everyone, look! It’s NOLAN! Welcome to the blog, buddy!

Cole with his hot chocolate

Take THAT, Starbucks!




Why you should choose Dunkin Donuts coffee over Starbucks

…According to me

     Consider the Taste. I’ve had plenty of Starbucks pumpkin lattes from several different locations, and the “pumpkin” is more spice than anything else. What I love about pumpkin flavoring is pumpkin, not cloves. I’ve never thought to myself, “Boy, I sure could go for a spoonful of cloves this morning!” However, some people might actually wake up with the absolute necessity to have that very desire fulfilled. Those people go to Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts hits the pumpkin flavoring with a hint of spice so perfectly! I order mine with cream and sugar, and I can close my eyes and really believe that I am drinking a liquified pumpkin pie. Seriously, Clove lovers…you’re missing out on a real pumpkin coffee experience.

     Now, let’s take into consideration the price, shall we? A tall pumpkin spice latte, from Starbucks, costs $4.01, after tax. That turns into $120.30 a month if you drink it every day. A small pumpkin coffee with cream and sugar, from Dunkin Donuts, costs $1.70, after tax. That is $51 a month. That’s a difference of $69.30! That’s a tank of gas for some folks!

     “But Starbucks has free wifi,” you whine. Actually, they sell a “tall” pumpkin spice latte with a side of wifi for the price of $4.01 a cup. They don’t pay for their wifi and then give it away for free. Have they stopped teaching the concept of free lunch in schools? So, if you love Starbucks for their wifi and coffee, then you’re paying $120.30 for wifi access and a coffee cup with your name on it. Silliness!

I propose this idea:

     Buy your daily cup of pumpkin coffee from dunkin donuts, and spend $51 a month. Then, get the mobile hot spot for your cell phone provider; most start at about $20 a month. That comes to a total of $71 a month for delicious coffee (that actually tastes like pumpkin) and wifi. That’s still $49.30 less than the total cost at Starbucks. You can actually afford to treat your friends! Heck, you can buy a can of whipped cream and some cinnamon if you want. Set up at your own little table inside of Dunkin Donuts  wearing a beret and glasses if you feel the urge. Chat online with all of your friends from Starbucks. Put on your headphones, and watch youtube videos all day…or whatever it is that you Starbucks laptop users do all the time.

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