32 Weeks and I’m a Biker Chick!

       Different people have different types of coping mechanisms when it comes to stress, fear, and loneliness. I happen to succumb to bouts of congested busyness separated by little spurts of rejuvenation, and this week was no exception. The upside to this strategy is that my busyness keeps me on a leash that reaches just far enough to stare at frustration, but not close enough to actually touch it. Sometimes, outside factors try to inch that negativity a little bit closer to my grasp, but busy always yanks the chain. It sounds like the perfect cure, in theory, but I’m not blind to the consequences. The downside of locking arms with busyness is that it leaves me with an aching body, tired eyes, and virtually drained of common sense. It’s like I overload my mind and body with information and physical activity to the point of exhaustion and speaking nonsense all in hopes of seeing another day, weekend, or week go by quicker than the last. It’s all a mental person’s gimmick. The only person I’m fooling is me, but don’t tell her. She can be a real pain in the rear sometimes. I heard that. See? I’ve gone crazy! I need to go pour myself a nice, tall, cool glass of rejuvenation. Sweet tea, anyone? Sure, I’ll take one…along with a side of an Epsom Salt bath, thank you.  Wanna know my activity for the week? It was awesome!!

Activity #32:  Motorcycle Safety Course

Have a question about your bike? Ask your MOM (motorcycle operating manual)

     I’ve been toying with the idea of learning how to ride for a while now. And this deployment is the perfect reason to finally do it. My husband’s bike has been sitting in the garage since January, and it needs to be shown some love out on the road. Just cranking it on every once in a while doesn’t get it the exercise it needs to stay in good shape for when he gets home. I wasn’t comfortable with just hopping on and figuring it all out myself, so I registered for the local Motorcycle Safety course and the butterflies began. I was so nervous, but so eager to learn at the same time. I had 2 female instructors, and there were 8 other people in the class with me, all first time riders with the same inhibitions that I had. It was a 2 day, 10 hour a day class, and it was so neat to watch the others, along with myself, transform from scared, little, shaky handed kids to confident, excited, and licensed riders! I passed the course as one of the 3 students with the highest score of 93! Wild! I was shocked, and pretty thankful that God answered my prayers when I asked Him to give me confidence, stability, and a passing score. I took the class, hoping I would learn enough of the basics to get my husband’s bike around the neighborhood every couple of weeks, but I can’t help but day dream about getting my own bike some day…and painting it pink, of course 😉


***A big fat thank you to Krisi and Jason for keeping my boys over the weekend, and also to Na and Biff for keeping Ace! You guys are awesome!!!!***

The “M” is for motorcycles 🙂

     Oh, and on a little side-note, I know I have several readers and followers. I see the numbers go up every week on my blog counter, and I’d love some feedback from you guys! My opinions, rants, and rambles are not the only ones out there. If you think I’m a disgusting, snobby, piece of cow poop, let me know! I’ll probably cry, but whatever…I like to think of it as eye irrigation…keeping the ducts clean. If you have helpful and encouraging words, I’m a fan of those! If you have suggestions for activities for me, please visit the “Suggestion box” on the right.  Leave a comment, and I’ll be sure to add it to my list. Thanks for stopping by, and as always…Send your crazy to me, since I’m going there anyway!

   2012 – The year that I learned how to ride a motorcycle and became a licensed and insured biker!

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