31 Weeks and a Homemade Boardgame Night!

         Britney Spears gave me some super human strength and motivation tonight on my run through the neighborhood. Something about “Oops I Did It Again” sounded off in my bones and kicked dust from the heels of my knock-off, Kmart Shape-Ups. Maybe it was the cool, post-rain breeze or maybe the old-school Britney really did it again by giving me a little high-school-Cathi boost, but either way my run tonight was outstanding. I felt like I could’ve gone forever, so after I finished my usual route I turned around to do it again. All of a sudden Jason Mraz started whispering sweet nothings in my ear and had me confused like a teenage girl at her first Homecoming dance. What the heck is Jason Mraz doing on my running play list? This doesn’t make me feel gangster! What happened to “Hit That Pavement One More Time”? And “You’ve Got That Run Thing”? Ugh…and just like that, adios mojo. So, I listened to Mr. Mraz and jogged back home. Since he altered my entire huff-puff and rough-stuff mood, I gave in and crashed onto the driveway, fashioning a pillow out of my rolled up bandana. At first, I closed my eyes, relaxing and cooling down to the melody of that gentle, grown-up’s lullaby. Then, I looked up to take in the scenery. I’m not always going to live here. I’ve lived here for almost 3 years now, and I’d never taken in the view from that angle. I didn’t know what I was going to open my eyes to, but I didn’t expect what I saw.

        Before I talk about what I saw, I want to talk about what was on my mind. Today, I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful fellow military wife, and talk to her in the midst of a crisis. There’s a beautiful connection that we military wives have, and it all stems from knowing the feelings that are inexpressible. There’s a common bond of loneliness, perseverance, struggle, and accomplishment that not many other people can entirely understand. We all appreciate so deeply when people try to put themselves into our shoes, but there’s nothing like being in the company of someone who is wearing the exact same brand and size, bought at the same price. As I lay on the pavement, pulling the ear buds out and laying my hands behind my head, I thought to myself, “This world is so big, and I’m so small. My problems are so small compared to the rest of the world. Why do I bother even thinking about them as much as I do? I need to just get over it all and be grateful that I’m even here.” That’s when I opened my eyes and saw the sky in a way I’d never noticed it before. It’s like it was so close  I could reach out and touch it. I could almost taste the clouds above me, and night time was being painted all around me. You know, that point where you stare for so long that you begin to get tunnel vision? Well, my eyes reached that point, and I’ve never felt so big, so important, and so exposed. My problems matter, and they’re significant, just like my new military sister-wife and her problems. (Oh my gosh…did she just say “sister-wife”? Yes, yes she did.) It’s what we do with our problems that make them worth it or not. This week, I had another friend who was dealing with some issues, and I told her, “When life hands you lemons, squirt them into Satan’s eye and piss him off with them.” The last thing he wants is for someone to grow from their mistakes and rise from their moments of defeat. So, when problems enter our little world, we have to push through them and be bigger than the pain. I am so stocked up on lemons, it’s not even funny. His eyes are fixin’ to burn like hot coals and a fire poker.

My Activity for this week: Game Night with the Homemade Board Game!!!

   So, last week I made a board game called House of Awesome, and I decided to go ahead it give it a trial run. I believe it was a huge success!!!

Brooke gave it a 2 on a scale of 1-2. 1, being not awesome, and 2, being Awesome.

The “wooden spoon” is the buzzer for when you say a no-no word.

The Biebs rockin it with the no-no words.

Brooke: “You can’t say America!”

I love game nights with these girls!

Biff and Madeline. Not team mates, but I’m sure Biff was grateful since Madeline didn’t have any luck with the rolling dice.

Lehren’s pretty good at this guessing thing! Even though she got popped by the spoon once.

Me: “Dude, that looks nothing like a post office, and that definitely doesn’t look anything like an eagle. A for effort though. Way to give it 110%.”

Someone snuck out of bed…

and Power Ranger fight, GO!

Somewhere between the boys joining us downstairs and Ace humping Justin’s leg, we lost sight of the game and started watching The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Look it up on Netflix. You can thank Madeline and Elizabeth for that one. It’s like a redneck train wreck, and boy is it friggin weird! Anyway, the crew gave House of Awesome a thumbs up, and I think it was a hit! I’m adding this to the game-night roster for the future. Also, this game goes well with brownies and a glass of milk (thanks to the Biebs for picking up some milk before heading over!) This is not the year I spent moping around, waiting for my husband to come home. This is the year I created my own board game and hosted a game night with friends and delicious brownies! Until next week, send your crazy to me since I’m going there anyway!

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