27 weeks & Mod Podge Heels

     Most of my days and nights are spent with my kids and our dog, and communication with my husband has been pretty scarce lately. I haven’t been able to tell him any of the little stuff…or big stuff either, actually. I understand that his job is pretty important, and I’m sure he’s missing me just as much as I’m missing him. There are times during the day when I need some adult interaction though. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I can communicate with and relate better to my single friends than my married ones. They know what it’s like to be alone, and I don’t feel like I’m interrupting a family dinner or date night when I call or text them. It’s the closest thing I have to an Army wives group around here. But, I still feel like I’m trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. They really should have more morale boosters for wives outside of the MTF and FRG radius…not that I would be involved if they did, but they still should. This week, I’m grateful for my single friends who humor me when I send my random, senseless text messages, who call me at 2am, because they figure I’d be awake anyway (which, I totally was…watching a marathon of One Tree Hill and talking to Nathan Scott about standing up for himself. Haley left! Someone ought to smack her! He obviously didn’t smack her…Wuss), and who make plans to mesh some of their alone time with mine. Why are these people still single? They’re so great! I’m trying to fight the urge to go into full-on matchmaker mode, even though I’m pretty stinkin good at it, because it could easily become my new obsession. What can I say? I have a keen eye for soul mates *cough, cough, my sister and her now-fiancé cough* So, instead of creating the scenery for a Romantic comedy, I started long-distance running again. I received my email from last year’s mud run, and registered. I’ve upped my cardio a few notches, and I plan to redeem myself from the foolishness of last year. I ran it, without training, only 3 months after my hysterectomy. Foolish. But no one could talk me out of it. Did some good damage too, but I’m back and feeling better than ever! I’m excited to see my neighbors more than my once a week jog. I sing out loud when I run, and it’s funny to watch them look at me like I’m crazy. “Here I am. Rock you like a Hurri-Cathi” Good times. It’s not helping with my insomnia though, like I thought it would. It’s now 3am, and I really wanna know if Nathan takes Haley back or punches her in the face…one more episode? Nah, I’ll just talk to God until I fall asleep.

My activity: Mod-Podge Heels

Boom! $4 shoes, $7 mod podge, and one of my husband’s pant legs. Add a few days and some brain cells = these bad boys

So, my sister tagged me in a picture of some outstanding heels that were mod-podged into a comic book strip. Originally, I thought I wanted to do the same, but I changed my mind. I decided to make ACU heels! I know every single Army wife or girlfriend is going to want these! Shoot, if I saw a chick walking down the street in these, I’d want them!

Start out with some boring heels

add some mod podge (Hi Biff!)

Understand that it’s going to take a few hours

curse the shoes, not your friends.

Use a glue gun for inside and the seams.

you might want to add some felt to the inside so they don’t give you blisters

It’s okay if it’s not so pretty on the inside or underneath. No one can see that.

When I first read about this, I was so excited! I thought,  “I’m gonna get the big stinkin’ bottle of mod podge, because I’m gonna do this all the time!” Nah…I will probably never do this again. It was quite frustrating. Biff didn’t even finish hers. She and those shoes just weren’t seeing “sole” to “sole”…haha…I’m a word-play genius. I love these shoes though, and I’m glad I was able to push through my anger toward them to the final product. 🙂

Until next week, send your crazy to me since I’m going there anyway.

Can you see them?

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