18 Weeks and a DIY shirt design

So this week, I got the flu, and it’ve been sucky. The good thing is that we’re another week down! Yay! I have no deep thoughts, funny quips, our poop stories to tell, because I mostly just cuddled with my boys, watched movies, and sipped on liquid mucinex. So, onto my activity, shall we? This week I scrolled through pinterest for some inspiration, and here’s what I found:



So I tried it!


here it is before


and here it is after

It looks super cute too! After all of the tying, the shirt got shorter and shorter, so I decided to give it away to……drum roll……Brooke Walker! She’s teeny tiny, and it’ll look great on her! This was really easy to do, so if you have an hour to waste, and a shirt to waste too, try this!


Brooke modeling the shirt

Until next week, send your crazy to me since I’m going there anyway

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