16 weeks….

I’m trying to just focus on slow, deep breaths right now. We’ve had awesome family time here in Texas. We rushed around like crazy to buy the new ASU’s and all of the ribbons, racks, and medals that go with it because I misread a text and left his uniform at home. Unless you are or have been or are a military spouse, you have no idea how crazy it is to buy and set up dress blues in 2 days. Some might call it impossible, but apparently the jamaicans have no word for impossible (thank you, Michael Scott from The Office). Chandler got his DA photo taken today (another gift from God), and is now all eligible for promotion! It’s crazy to think that he was just a corporal when we met. What an amazing man, soldier, and NCO he has grown into. I can’t believe he chose me to do it all with him. As I paraded my husband around town, doing various errands in his full dress uniform and 90 degree Texas heat, it occurred to me that this was it. This is our last family outing before he leaves. He has to report back to work tomorrow, check barracks for the other soldiers, and pack. So we decided to go out with a bang. We headed to the pool, and made plans for a massive chow down at the restaurant of his choice. So here we are, just relaxing…no cares, just enjoying each other and our little family when his phone started going off like mad. My heart stopped, and I knew what all of the buzzing was all about. Emails, itineraries, and check lists…all if a sudden my heart is in my stomach. I rolled over to tan my back (really to let the tears fall so he couldn’t see), and my mind started racing. I’ve avoided all of these thoughts for 4 months…why now? I just have to breath. Just breath and pray that my liquid liner doesn’t fail me. He leaves on Thursday. I should be used to this by now, right? So many people assume that I am. I’m not. It’s gut wrenching every time he leaves. I pray that I never get used to this. Sigh…Please pray over their travel. I’ll have a list of his soldiers to pray for in my next post. I’ll include an hourly update for Thursday too so anyone who would like to walk through this with me is welcome to. Please pray for the boys too.
-For GOD and my country

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