11 Weeks And a “2-weeks notice”

SO, as you can probably guess from my heading, I QUIT!!!! There are a few reasons that ultimately led to my decision. First, the man that hired me asked if the pay would work for me. I told him I thought so, but I’d let him know once I figured out child care for sure. Two weeks into the job, I sat down with him and asked him if $2 more an hour would be do-able, because if not then it didn’t make financial sense for me to stay. He said he would make it happen and it didn’t seem unreasonable. So, I made sure to prove my dedication. While my husband was in town for his 2 weeks, I didn’t miss one single day of work. My boss gave me that $2 raise as a bonus until corporate took care of my hourly pay. I received my next paycheck, and there was no increase and no bonus to make up for the lack of the increase. At this rate, I’m pocketing 30% of my paycheck after paying for child care and gas. This was problem number one. Problem number two was that I had the title of Finance Manager, but I was not being treated like a Manager. I felt like I was being treated like a little kid. Not cool. I don’t have any “penis-envy” issues, so I have no problem being under a man —haha…under a man…lol…Focus, Cathi — I have no problem working under a man’s authority whatsoever, but I do have a problem with working under someone who doesn’t show me respect, especially in front of people who are employed under me. That’s not very nice, and I’m not a fan of unnecessarily mean people. There are 2 types of mean. Passive mean, which are people who just don’t try to be nice or people who don’t have a genuine care for the well-being of others, and then there’s Aggressive mean, which are the bullies who push people around just to hurt their feelings or get some sort of high out of making other people upset. My boss is the passive kind. I think I’d almost prefer the aggressive kind. You see, it actually hurts my feelings way more when someone just really doesn’t care about me or my family than when someone calls me ugly. On to reason number 3. There is some fishy illegal and immoral stuff going on in there! I am not a fan, so count me the heck out of it! I also realized how much of a load of B.S. the whole sales pitch is! Do you know how much those sales people lie to you? I mean really? I feel insulted for having been a customer there 2 years ago when my husband got his Fury. Some sales people are so nice to a customer’s face, and then turn around and say the most derogatory things behind their backs! It’s such a shady environment. It really makes me sick. I know I’m not perfect. I’m far from it…just in case you missed my last post…the kitchen is still a mess, I still have laundry to fold, and the back yard….holy cow, it’s bad. I seriously need to mow it, and the front yard is starting to catch up to it. Anyway, I’m no perfect person, but I know I’m not comfortable lying to people to make the company more money, I’m definitely not okay with doing stuff illegally, and I am absolutely not down with anyone disrespecting me. Reason number 4, I’m tired of finding out how Idan’s day went from a sheet of paper. His smiling face doesn’t look like this  🙂 It looks like this:

Reading some good ol’ Dr Seuss
2 front teeth gone one after the other
there it is!
6 quarters, because he’s 6 years old

and Cole lost his tooth at afterschool care. I’d much rather have done an awesome video to follow-up for Dr. Idan.

So the job is not worth the money and the stress and me missing out on my kids’ lives. And that’s why I turned in my 2 weeks notice. I finished out last week, and I’m going to finish out this week, then that’s it for the finance world and Cathi. My kids are already missing one parent, and I think they’ve had enough of a break from me to be happy to be stuck with just me for the next year. I know I’ve had a good enough break from them. It’s helped me to re-evaluate my whole outlook on parenting. I used to be so confused with working moms. I didn’t understand why they would want to work when they could be raising their children at home, and now I realize that it’s actually a very difficult sacrifice for working moms to do. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting to give yourself 100% to your husband, 100% to your kids, 100% to your home, and 100% to your job. Something isn’t going to receive that whole 100%, and it actually isn’t the kids, the house, or the husband. It ends up being yourself, and that’s where the sacrifice is. I respect working moms so much more after walking around in their shoes for a bit, which is the only part about the job that I loved. I got to wear all of my favorite heels everyday of the week! But, I’m just not built for that. I’ve got my favorite sweat pants washed and ready for next Monday morning! I plan on sleeping in – since it will be Cole’s spring break – and I plan on watching the Today Show while I fold that dang mile-high pile of laundry. And then, in the afternoon, I plan on tackling that back yard, finally…and hopefully getting the car fixed (pray that it lasts until then and that it doesn’t cost a fortune!)


I took the boys to a wrestling match!!

Painted their faces like Andy and Axil
Waiting in line to go in
“Go AXIL!!!”
He now has another favorite
“Go ANDY!”
and what would an outing be like without Idan going poop?

This wrestling match was in a creepy location, it smelled like sweat and popcorn mixed, and it was sticky and hot inside of the warehouse that it was held. It wasn’t my thing, but it was theirs, and that’s where I wanted/needed to be. I had fun because they had fun!

As always, until next week, send your crazy to me since I’m going there anyway!

6 thoughts on “11 Weeks And a “2-weeks notice”

  1. Since your going back to the stay-at-home mom type can we please Skype! 🙂 especially since cole will have spring break and I can see his handsome face & he & Idan and YOU can see my handsome ones 🙂 love you!!!!

    • Absolutely, we can Skype! I’m working on some crazy car fixing adventures right now, but then I’ll set the date and time with you 🙂 love you back!

  2. You go girl…cherish those kiddo’s early years while you can…you won’t ever get them back! I have had to work from day one that my kids were born and oh how I wish i could have stayed home with them when they were younger. I feel like I missed so much of their lives. My oldest is 18 and in college and one a junior in high school and my youngest is in the fifth grade. Times flies by so fast…soon enough they will leave the nest. Being home with them and sharing all those special moments with them you won’t have any regrets and they will appreciate so much more.

    I was lucky to have my mom stay at home while i was growing up and we had a very close bond. I am close to my kids, but oh how I wish I could have been the one to have seen their first steps, first words etc instead of their caregiver.

    Cherish it…Cherish it….Cherish it!

    Love ya girl and hang in there…tell my cous I said hello and my family and I will keep him and yours in our prayers!


    • Thank you for the support! I was so afraid of being called a “quitter”, but I know I did the right thing. I’m glad I haven’t faced to much criticism, or else my inner ghetto might come out. I’ve enjoyed this time at home with them so much more than I ever did before, now that I know how much of a blessing it really is.

  3. Enjoy your Sons.They are only small for a very short time.You made the right choice , I am proud of you.Love you,Emma.

    • Thanks so much! You are so right! The job did exactly what God wanted it to do for me, and my character is strengthened because of it. 🙂 Love you too!

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