6 weeks in

Thursdays must be my “Off ” Days.

because, I swear it’s when I break down the most. Hopefully now that I notice that, I can try to Woosah my way out of the madness. I have been loving my new job, but the pangs of change have been stabbing quite a bit this week. Our accountant has been out of the office for the week (because her son got home from Afghanistan, so I can’t be upset about that), so all of my paperwork has been behind from lacking checks and notarization (is that a word? oh well, it is now.) I don’t like to be behind on stuff at all! Seeing all of the files, unfinished, has been stressing me out. That’s my work stress. …at home, Idan has been throwing major temper tantrums every time I leave for work. His death grip on my leg is heartbreaking and leg-breaking at the same time. I want to just sit there and love on him until he feels okay with me leaving, but then he’ll never feel okay with me leaving. I didn’t think it would be this hard. I always call and talk to him on the phone once I’m a few minutes down the road, and he always calms down by then…but it’s just the leaving him part that is so tough. Another stress that I ran into was the fact that I work with a lot of men. These men are wonderful people, mostly married, who know or at least know of my husband and respect him, but I realized that there are going to be requirements to be one-on-one with these people often, and I’m stressing about how that would look from the outside.

Just a little moment for me to say that NO MAN could ever hold a candle to my husband! He’s raised the bar so high that absolutely no one can even possibly see it! I absolutely believe, with my whole heart, that I have the best husband who has ever existed. I truly believe that. Please, don’t try to contest. Just nod, smile, and agree with me.  🙂

Anyway, this has caused a little friction, not much, just a tad…mostly with my own heart. I am so afraid of perception, and I know that I need to work on that a little, but in this case I think I should be afraid of it. So, the blinds in my office stay open and so does the door. If you ever come to visit, the only time the blinds are closed is because I’m Woosah-ing through a little yoga session, and I don’t want anyone creeping on me while I’m in the lotus posish. And the only time the door is closed is when the “buy-buy-buy-buy-now-now-now-now” music is getting into my psyche and I need a moment…or if I’m eating lunch and we’re packed with customers (can’t let them know that I eat)…or when Diana (the whole reason I have the job) is inside listening to me cry and allowing me to de-stress on her.

The other stress is the whole tax thing! I’m trying so hard to make sure that I pay our “Nannies” the legal way, and I’ve been running into confusion non-stop! No wonder people hate the IRS! It’s so dang confusing! It takes forever to do bookkeeping on it all, to prepare the checks and stubs….sigh….I’m no Super Woman, afterall folks.

So…my activities for this week:  Valentines for some single ladies, V-day Dinner, a surprise chili for dinner, and a couple of heart-to-hearts with my boys


take a pic like this

and this

a little color change on photo shop and hot glue a kiss in their hands! Done!

So, Kiley suggested that I make valentines for a single lady, so here they are! I actually ended up making a ton of them for the boys to hand out at cub scouts, for me to hand out at work, and then to give to the Campaigners girls. It was sweet to see everyone’s reactions to them. These are super easy to do! All you need are cute kids, photoshop skills, a glue gun, and candy (wrapped in foil, not plastic…the glue gun will melt the plastic).

Surprise in the Chili

Once upon a time, a pot of chili...

and then pink rice joined the party

It was a joyous pink and red chili gathering at Campaigners until...

A special thanks to Jason and Krisi for the delicious deer meat! They loved it down at the bike shop, and my kids gave it 2 thumbs up!

IHOP Date #4

he learns from his brother 🙂

such a gentleman!

They still love me though 🙂

My fill-in Valentine 🙂

We had our 4th IHOP date, and the boys are really starting to feel home there now. We actually stood by the kitchen this time and watched them cook our food. They loved doing that! I’m so ready for all of this cold weather to disappear, because it’s hard to stick to the IHOP plans when it’s so cold outside, but so warm and cozy in the house. Does IHOP deliver? While I google that, why don’t you box up some of your crazy and send it over since I’m GOING THERE ANYWAY!!! Until next time…Deer-Chow!

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