5 weeks, YL Camp…and the other half to be continued in a separate post

Since my updates are so backed up, How about a bullet note update for the 5th week, shall we? Here goes:

  • YL weekend Camp at Sharptop was amazing! Our cabin was at the bottom of the mountain,  so we had the pleasure of walking up and down the mountain every day, several times a day…it didn’t make me feel so guilty about having 2 or 6 extra sausage links at breakfast.

    Amber and Hannah on the bus ride up

    Lindsay (a fellow YL leader), Savannah, and me about to ride the giant swing!

    Rebecca and Kenzie




Sunday morning re-fuel



"Jesus just clicked with me this weekend" --this whole group left changed 🙂 PTL!

all of a sudden I feel like I have to pee.
My little sister from another Mister.
“Cathi made me do it.”

So it was a great time! Lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of Jesus. It’s so awesome to spend a weekend with other leaders who have the same passions about sharing Jesus with high schoolers.

My favorite part of the whole weekend is inside of the leader lounge, which I wish I had a picture of, when all of us are praying over our high school friends together before breakfast…such an amazing feeling. I imagine God looking down on his kids, so happy that the older ones are looking after the younger ones, trying to guide them gently as His Son, Jesus, showed us to. What a privilege it is to serve alongside these other amazing leaders! The only thing missing from the weekend was my husband, though he was absolutely honored in the process, thanks to Steve:

YL Rockdale salutes SSG Chandler

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