4 weeks down and a Lesson in Tithing

So, a lot has happened this week. I didn’t expect any of it at all. It all began with another meeting after church on Sunday. This time it was just the members, no elders or Pastors allowed. We wanted to come together as a church body and figure what we could do without causing them to stress anymore. We basically all came to the conclusion that we need to reach out to newcomers on a more personal basis, reach out to the community around us by showing them who Jesus is, and committing to tithing 10% of our income. The economy’s been rough, gas prices are high, and we’re supporting our family in one place and my husband in another, so our 10% has become more like 1%. After the meeting Chandler and I talked on the phone for a few hours, discussing a financial plan that included our 10% tithe as the number one block in our budget spreadsheet. It was painful to look at the amount left over for groceries and gas….painful. But, we knew that God would take care of us. We had faith that He would bless our offering somehow.

Monday came and went, and nothing. Tuesday evening, I received a phone call with a job offer totally out of the blue. Initially, I just knew that working outside of the home full time wouldn’t work out for me with the kids and Chandler being gone, but things just fell into place so perfectly! Our friend, that we’ve met through the bike shop that we hang out and shop at, called me and offered me a job managing their financial department. He said I could have a back-up person there too, so I don’t have to work crazy hours.  That same night, the Walker girls (who go to our church) came over for Bible study. On Sunday, these girls offered to babysit for free so we could save our babysitting money and give it to the church instead…what a shining example of selfless love!!! You don’t see that in teenage girls very often! Well, God blessed them through my blessing of a new job.  The hours were perfect, the Babysitters were perfect, and the shop is a place that my husband loves. He fully supports me being there, and is just as excited as I am to get this journey started! The blessings didn’t end there though. Jason, my boss, said I could basically do my own pseudo-interview of anyone I might have in mind to work with me. So, it didn’t talk long for me to think of Rachel. She was a teen at our old church who graduated and is in college right now. She was an awesome babysitter and has so much more brain capability than what she’s being challenged to use right now. Her family could also use the extra income, so it was so exciting to invite her on-board this adventure with me! The only thing I asked of these 3 girls who are joining me on this ride is that they tithe 10% right away. I hope that they answer that call so that they can bless someone else and bring glory to God for blessing them..

So, we had our biweekly IHOP dinner on Thursday! We were able to video chat with Chandler on my phone until the food came. The boys got all rowdy from that, and they were crazy kids all through dinner! You win some, you lose some, I guess.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Nana and Papa for sending in IHOP gift cards for our dinner dates! It was so thoughtful and so sweet and definitely helpful! 🙂

((pics tomorrow night, since this photo thing has whooped my butt! I think I have to do it from the desktop computer…means I can’t post my updates from the bed anymore…Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh))

So, this week I tried a pin, and it FAILED MISERABLY! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING THIS!!!

1) cut off the end opposite the stem

2) carefully spoon out the inside, leaving the middle stem-ish part

This is the middle part that you leave.

3) pour a little olive oil around the bottom, not pouring over the middle stem part.

5) pour a little olive oil around the bottom ( not over the middle part)

4) light the center stem part

5) but guess what...it doesn't work.

6) so stick a tea candle in it and call it a day!


I know this update is late, but I went to camp with Young Life, and was so busy with the whole new job thing that I didn’t get a chance to post last week. Then, this site was giving me problems with loading pictures…so here it is now.  I have my update from last week ready too…just gotta get the pictures working…Then, on Saturday, I’ll post my update from THIS week!!! It’ll be 3 posts in one week! Yes, Santa finally got your letter. All my fans out there are getting spoiled Oprah style. “YOU get a post, and YOU get a post, and YOU get a post!” ah ha ha ha ha….Good times.

Until tomorrow (<- see what I did there? switched it up, because I’m being clever), send your crazy to me since I’m going there anyway!


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