2 weeks down and my son is a Dentist!

I’m finally starting to really miss my husband. I’ve cried a little bit more than usual at night, and it sucks. I think it’s a combination of being so busy, the boys fighting, and the crappy weather. Chandler usually wrestles with the boys while I cook dinner, fixes the broken toys, and does the most retarded things to make them laugh. I didn’t realize how much the little things really help out when he’s home. It wouldn’t be so bad if the weather was nice and we could play outside. So, with all the stress I finally broke down during our video chat the other night. It’s so frustrating to see him on the screen and not be able to just bury my head in his chest for a few moments to reset my mom meter. Then, there are times like today, when him just being there, not saying anything, makes everything better.

What a WEEK! We haven’t been to cub scouts in a while, because we really wanted to limit our activities outside of the home for the last couple of months that Chandler was home. So, I took the boys on Monday, and of course my first time doing it alone we’re supposed to build a car for the Pinewood Derby. I don’t know how to build a freakin car! What the heck? So, I paid Cole’s dues for the year, and they handed me a block of wood. Thankfully, one of the dads is a cabinet maker, so he knows how to do all that jazz. Cole told him what kind of car he wanted, and he cut it out of the wood for him. Chandler advised me to look up some videos on youtube about this stuff, so I did. The race was on Saturday, so naturally, I waited until Friday to paint the car. Because Tuesday, I had Campaigners (a bible study for a group of young life girls that want to dig deeper into the Word), Wednesday I took the boys to the library and the grocery store (THAT was fun!…not), and Thursday was super mega cleaning day. Speaking of which, I got a lot done! I organized all of my craft stuff, cleaned and rearranged the office (massive chore), and reorganized the pantry.

Enough about me, how about my 2 year old son being the world’s greatest dentist?! Have you seen the video yet? If not, take a look. If you have, watch it again! 2 Year Old Dentist pulls tooth out

My boys are just awesome. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I really do love their awesome and fun personalities! That video was pretty much my activity for the week…besides all of the other activities. The other ones were for the boys, this one was for me. Last time Chandler was deployed, I used to make videos of Cole all of the time to send to Chandler, and my sister-in-law and I used to make all kinds of random, crazy videos too. Hopefully, I’ll get to that weird stage again with this deployment too. I hope I do only so I can make you guys all laugh through my madness with me. So, I bought a new video editing program and tested it out with Cole’s loose tooth. I’m hoping to make lots more whenever I have those bored nights with nothing to do.

On to my current heartache…

My heart is breaking right now, because it seems the recession has hit my church hard. We aren’t losing numbers…we’re actually gaining a lot in membership, but people just aren’t able to give enough to keep the church going anymore. Our pastor broke the news to us that if a big change doesn’t happen, then Christ Community Church will be closing its doors after Easter. 🙁 Of course, most of us responded in desperation, emotion, and brainstorming for ways to keep us afloat. I was flooded with sadness, immediately. Our first experience with church here in Georgia was rough. We met a lot of opposition due to how different my husband and I are from the people in the church. Bottom line, it really didn’t feel like family, and a home-church that feels like a 2nd family is what a military family needs. We started working with Young Life, and went to Christ Community Church because of some of the leaders who also attended there. It was love at first service! The Pastor is so down to earth without being “worldly”, the congregation is made up of sinners(who admit their sin), just like me, and the setting is so laid back! When the service ends, there are kids running around everywhere, and it’s okay.  Every member loves on my kids, just like any aunt or uncle. My son leaves my side during worship to stand up front with his “Uncle Ryan” so he can see the words. There’s no sign that says “NO FOOD OR DRINK IN SANCTUARY”. In fact, people get up, refill their coffee, tea, or hot cocoa (yes, we have hot cocoa—and all these things are free) in the middle of the service, and it’s never a distraction. It feels like home, and we’re all gathering to hear stories about our Dad and how much he loves us. We hug each other, squeeze each other, cry with each other, and no one’s embarrassed or uncomfortable. I have never felt family like this in a church, and I’ve been to a lot of churches with my husband’s traveling. And, it’s not like you’re an outsider when you first join. You’re family as soon as you step in the door! It’s an amazing bond that the Holy Spirit creates right away, and I just don’t want to see that stop, because of money. If ANYONE knows ANY solution…anything we can do…anyone that wants to donate to help us keep on going, please…please help. This is a church that has non-profit ministries in the community including housing the homeless (inside of the church, preparing meals for them, and hugging them, loving them) and free tutoring for students. They’re also super involved in supporting Young Life, and they’ve embraced my children during this separation from their dad. If you’re needing a church FAMILY…one that feels like a real Home. We’re not giving up just yet. Come down, hang out with us. You may be that one extra umph that we’re missing to keep going. Christ Community Church may be that one extra umph that you’re missing out on too. I promise you…if you want family, this is the church for you. If you come and you don’t like it, I owe you lunch.


3 thoughts on “2 weeks down and my son is a Dentist!

  1. Hey – OK, I know it’s no sectet to you that I’m a bit technology challenged, but this is my first view of your blog. The other day, Danielle said, “Mom, have you read Cathi’s blog? It’s really neat.” I asked her where to find it and she looked at me like I had two heads. 🙂 Anyhow – this is funny, informative, touching, happy, sad – and just plain awesome! Looking forward to reading more, Cathi. Thanks! And my heart breaks when you share the days that his presence is missed more than others. I understand (or at least try to) – but because I love all of you so much, I hurt with you. Hang in there.

  2. God is doing too many AMAZING things at CCC for this to be the end! We’re fighters and this is worth fighting for!!! So happy we’re family!

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