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“The days are long, but the years are short.” – Susie Johnson

This quote was a caption from a picture a friend of ours posted last Summer. The picture was of her snuggling with her sleepy 3 year old son just 9 days before they were in a tragic car accident that took their 6 year-old’s life and left the little 3 year old paralyzed from the neck down. The family’s response to this tragedy has been heart-breaking but such an inspiration to Moms and Dads all over the country. Because of facebook, the news spread rapidly, and so many hearts were touched and changed, including my own. Susie’s biggest request to other parents is that they would never take a single moment with their children for granted. She urges us, over and over again, to hug more, love more, laugh more, and pray more. This is the exact wake-up call that moms all over the world need! How fleeting is this life, and how precious is every moment with our children!

“To all the unselfish moms out there who traded sleep for dark circles, salon haircuts for a ponytail, long baths for quick showers, late nights for early mornings, and designer bags for diaper bags.” – Susie Casper

This is one of those “re-post” statuses that a friend posted today. It immediately made me tear up. My life was my own before I had children. I did what I wanted, when I wanted to. I answered to my boss at work, and that was it. I made my money and spent it on myself and my own bills (car, insurance, phone, 1 credit card…that was it). I ate what I wanted and woke up when I wanted to. On my days off, I slept in. At night, I went out and danced until the clubs closed. I wore whatever I wanted, and didn’t care whether or not whole milk was on sale. I didn’t even buy whole milk! Life is so different nowadays. There are so many things that I traded in when I became a mom. Here’s my addition to this post:

High-heels for shape-up sneakers


The gym for DVD or Fit TV channel workouts (with kids jumping all over me)

Tiny red sports car for a bigger mom car

New car smell for “What is that SMELL?”

Kissing in public for Time-outs in public

Morning news for all-day cartoons

Spontaneity for a daily schedule

Daily shaving for “Wow, I should probably shave sometime soon…I should have time next Thursday.”

Grocery basket for the grocery CAR cart

Going out to dinner for Supercook.com

Privacy for “Mom! Mom! Mom!  WHAT? He hit me! No, He hit me! UGH!”

Deep Thinking for “Eeny-meeny-miny-mo”

Crazy parties for kids’ sleepovers

White clothes for …well, not so white clothes

Glass cups for plastic ones

Rated R for Rated G

Yoga for horsey rides

Going out after dark for stepping on freakin’ legos in the dark

Spending extra cash on clothes for Spending the rest of the cash on babysitters

Carefree lifestyle for worry

Splurging on that sparkly top for splurging on the brand name children’s medicines

Going out to lunch for meeting other moms at the park

Trading work shifts for Trading coupons

Wearing make-up daily for wearing a Wolverine mask…daily

Driving fast for driving carefully…and yelling at people who drive fast

Speaking my mind for taking all of my frustration out by screaming and shouting…in my head

Going for a run for taking the boys for a walk

Being adventurous for being cautious

Being afraid of losing a shift at work for being afraid of losing one of my boys at the airport

Stressing over what time the movie starts for Stressing over why my son’s bus is 30 minutes late

Acting quickly when those awesome jeans went on sale for acting quickly when a food allergy or asthma attack comes on

Watching The Bachelorette with the girls for watching The Incredibles with my boys

Praying over my future for praying over their future

Watching TV before bed for reading another story and then another one and then another one before bed

Wearing lipstick for wearing milk-mustache kisses

Loving tenderly for loving unconditionally

Crying over missing my husband for holding back tears because my son is crying over missing his dad

Holding a grudge for holding my sons.


As I sit here writing this during Idan’s nap time, waiting for Cole to get off the bus, I am absolutely enjoying the quiet (except for the pest control guy banging his sprayer against the outside of the house, almost ringing the doorbell, causing me to spring up out of my chair and run to the door before he woke up my littlest monster). I really do appreciate my quiet moments. I enjoyed my crazy, spontaneous, and carefree lifestyle back before I was a mom too, but I absolutely believe that I have it better than those who are busy being busy with the types of things and activities like the ones in my former life. My day is filled with purpose and meaning. My mornings are productive, and my evenings are ridiculous. I get to be a kid with my kids and a mom at the same time. I get to run around with a pair of underwear on my head, making my husband proud. I have access to unlimited, juicy, toddler kisses throughout the day, and the most useless games of hide and go seek before dinner with my 6 year old. I get to have back and forth rants with Cole about who has the stinkiest feet or has to chase down the frisbee after Idan throws it into the woods. I have the privilege of doing laundry for boys that I love and teaching them how to put their clothes away. I have the blessing of being able to share God’s Word with my boys on a daily basis, and in doing so, hearing God echoing my words from His book right back to me.  In just a few minutes, Idan will open his door, stand at the top of the stairs and say, “Mom, I waked up,” and part of me will die a little inside because my break time is over. But after I get over that (which takes about 1 deep breath and long sigh), I’ll get to scoop him up and attack him with kisses all over because every Mom knows that nap cheeks make the best kiss planters. So, if you’re a mom of crazy, wild, and occasionally rotten kids, love on them until you feel like you’re running out of love. Then, once you’re at your breaking point, love on them some more. If you’re not a mom yet, continue to enjoy your freedom. For my high school and college friends, being a teenager still has more freedom than being a mom, trust me. Your mom is shackled by worry over you that you will only understand once you have little babies of your own. If you’re a mom with kids who are grown and out of your house, you have the best of both worlds!! Uh-oh…I hear the pitter patter of little steps on my stairs! Gotta go…Gotta get these lips warmed up for some nap cheek smooching!


“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.”
– Mildred B. Vermont

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