2 more weeks and an amazing Friday!

This week, I didn’t make any plans for any “me-time”. I kept trying to think of something, and I just couldn’t. Somewhere between Christmas shopping and craft making, Cole’s school stuff, and re-dying my hair, my me-time was pretty much impossible. Friday surprised me though. It was scheduled with Chandler’s farewell luncheon with all of his coworkers, followed by the company Christmas party. It ended up being an awesome day for all of us! Chesley McNiel (our local weather man) said that we’d have rain, but we decided to gamble since the sun was shining beautifully. We took the bike to the Vortex for lunch. The ride was absolutely amazing! I can’t believe we had such awesome weather in the middle of December! And the Vortex was equally as awesome. When we pulled up, we got VIP parking right in the front, since it’s a Motorcycle bar/restaurant.  It had THE BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER TASTED!!!!! If you ever get the chance, GO THERE and order The Mexican…delicious! It was such a nice time to hang out with all of Chandler’s coworkers, share our favorite stories, hear about all of the crazy energy he brought to the office, and hear all about how much they love him. And the burger was delicious 🙂 After lunch, we headed back home (another amazing bike ride with my baby), talked to our Excellent babysitter for a while, and then took the boys to the Company Christmas party at the bowling alley. It was Idan’s first time bowling, and he had such a blast! Cole won in his little league of 4 kids, and Chandler whooped butt against Idan and me.  We also played games, and the boys won a junk load of tickets. They totally scored at the prize counter! After bowling and games, we hung out and ate in a private room with the rest of the company. The boys played around with the other soldiers’ kids, and it was a totally stress free evening! While we were there, the Commander gave his farewell speech to Chandler. He saved it for that night, because he wanted the boys to be there for it.  The speech was very moving. I’ve always been proud of my husband, and I know his parents are proud of him, but it was so wonderful to watch an LTC (super top dog) grow teary-eyed over his adoration, respect, and genuine care for his soldier, and my husband. What an honor it is to be his wife.

The LTC giving Chandler his PCS award

It’s customary to give a PCS award when a soldier leaves from one duty station to the next, if they’re deserving of one of course. Chandler got 2 incredible awards last night! The first was the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for “perform outstanding volunteer community service of a sustained direct and consequential nature.” He got this award for his work with Disaster Relief and his commitment to Young Life.

The MOVSM (Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal)

His second award was the Meritorious Service Medal, or MSM, which is for those “who distinguished themselves by outstanding meritorious achievement or service to the United States.” This is a huge award! The comments made by the LTC in recommending Chandler for this award were so neat. Again, it was wonderful to see my husband in the light of his coworkers, but with the same respect and love that I have for him….once again, I’m so blessed to be his wife!

The MSM (Meritorious Service Medal)

They bought him a super awesome PCS gift! It’s a wall plaque, that’s also a clock. It’s got a chopper and skulls on it, which is right up Chandler’s alley. They had it engraved on the bottom to say “Thank you SFC Chandler 2009-2012”. He’s still not sure where he wants to put this yet, but it’s going to be displayed for years to come!

MSG Smith presenting Chandler with his PCS gift

Because my husband is such a “colorful” man, they also got him a certificate that pretty much sums up everything that Chandler is all about.

Every time a racial holiday comes around, Chandler claims that race and asks for a day off because of it. He does this jokingly, of course, but he always comes to work with some prepared speech or antic about how he’s black, so he needs off for MLK day, or he’s from “de islands” so he needs off for Asian Pacific day. He even dared to come in claiming to be gay so he could have off for gay pride day. ..this guy. haha. So, they gave him this rainbow certificate which included all of his little quips on it. It has a picture of his Fury on the top left and a picture of Rip Its on the top right. This too will be displayed forever!

Chandler's Rainbow Certificate

In addition to all of the wonderful things that they did for Chandler, they also got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which was super sweet!

My flowers from the company

So, it may not have been a me day, but it definitely was an awesome family day, honoring my husband. It was so nice to see him recognized for all that he does, when it feels like it’s overlooked most of the time. It was a great morale booster, and I couldn’t have planned my 1 day any better. There hasn’t been any new news on the BAH situation yet, but we’re still waiting on it. It’s starting to sink in now that we only have 2 weeks left together, and I’m beginning to get emotional a little more often now. Next week will be crazy with all kinds of plans and family coming into town for short visits. I’m looking forward to some crazy! Before you leave, check out my husband’s rack down below!

When we got married, he had 2 little rows, and now he's working on his 5th!

We're too cute!

Until next week, send your Crazy to me, since I’m going there anyway!!!

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