4 weeks left, and Newspaper Nails

So, I created this blog to keep me from venting on facebook, and I totally vented my heart out on Friday night. Whoops. I’m a disgusting, sinful human! So, I put myself in time out (aka- took a nap) today to punish myself for that. I think I’ve learned my lesson.

So, Friday was Chandler’s last day at work, and he officially signed out on leave that afternoon. While we were unwinding from the day, we got some more upsetting news. I was Pinterest scrolling, and he was going through some of his emails. He came to one that was sent after the close of the work day, sent at about 5:30pm, that included a change in his orders. The new orders called for a complete PCS move to Fort Hood, taking the June Deployment out of the equation. At first glance, this looks like it would be good news, but when you have a son in school, a mortgage, and just spent money that you don’t have on new car tires and Christmas shopping, this is kind of stressful. See, the orders he received in September said PCS en route to deployment. This means that he’d get to Fort Hood and deploy shortly afterward. We had already made the decision not to move the family if he was going to deploy right away. Now that it’s a complete PCS move, with no deployment orders on the table, we’re supposed to take the whole family to Texas. 4 weeks is just not enough time (technically 2 weeks because the holiday weeks don’t count for moving, since the Army doesn’t move you on the holidays) A complete PCS move is basically a 3-5 year assignment. Now, anyone who has ever been stationed in Fort Hood knows that when you get there, deployment will happen at some point during your oh-so-uncomfortable stay. So, although he’d be skipping out on the first rotation in June of 2012, that doesn’t make him exempt from the next rotation or even the one after that. So, at some point in his 3-5 year assignment, he will deploy…no way around that.

Anyway, that was our Friday evening mood spoiler. So, naturally, like any lunatic of a woman who has no control over her house, kids, or husband’s job, I facebook vented, and it felt good. After that, I decided to start my one-day-a week ritual with a pinterest DIY idea. So, I scrolled through my newest friends’ pins until I came across the newspaper nails. Guess what, y’all. It totally works! Here’s the pin:


and here’s the link to the site that explains it all:


The only thing that kinda slowed me down a little bit was that the site was in French! But, no need to fear, I just copied the text onto freetranslation.com, and Voila! I had my instructions. It calls for soaking your nails in vodka, which I did not have. But we did have some Soju (a rice liquor that he Asians are responsible for making) that Chandler brought back home from San Francisco. The Soju totally worked! My guess is that any alcohol (not rubbing alcohol, because that will ruin your nail polish) will work. Here’s my finished product:

I love it! This helped to decrease my anger so that I could fall asleep. The next day was jam-packed with family activities. We had breakfast with Santa at Ebenezer United Methodist – awesome experience. 

They had some of the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever had in my life…delicious! Thank you, Ebenezer! After that, we headed to a car and bike show to benefit the local Military History Museum, which I didn’t even knew existed in town. Take a look at how awesome this place is:


It’s way too easy to lose sight of what our Military has done for us in the past, and it’s so important to really soak it up every once in a while, and that’s what we did on Saturday. We had the opportunity to speak to the owner of the museum for a good bit while the boys ran around with the Hooters Girls who were there selling raffle tickets. Thanks, Hooters of McDonough, for babysitting my boys for us! That man was so amazing! He put things into a different perspective for us, and he doesn’t even know how God used him to turn our anger into pride yesterday. He reminded us that in the grand scheme of things, it’s only 18-24 months if my husband deploys. If he doesn’t deploy, it’s only 3-5 years. Sure, it seems like a load of crap and a mouth full of vinegar to say right now, but when we’re telling our story 40 or 50 years from now, it’ll seem like just a small part of our own history.

The playground behind the Military Museum
My Biker Boys at the Bike/Car Show

After some burgers and some tears while reading people’s personal memories at the museum, we went to do some quick (I use that word so loosely) errands at Best Buy, Ross, Sally’s, Target, and Game Stop…real quick.

While in the midst of madness from no nap for Idan, Chandler received a call from the 1st Sgt in Texas, explaining the nature of the new orders (Chandler had written a pretty seething email the night before demanding answers). Basically, there are only 2 slots for his job and his rank for the upcoming deployment rotation and hundreds of people headed to Hood in March. Like the amazing husband and soldier that he is, Chandler strongly suggested (pretty much ordered his upper ranking future boss) to put him into one of those slots. The guy basically said, “Okay and No-kay”.  The conversation they had didn’t change his orders or the uncertainty of what will be happening next year, but it did give an answer as to why the orders changed.

It sounds awful for me to ask for this, but if you would join with us in praying for my husband to be one of the names in the 2 deployment slots, we’d love that. The sooner he deploys the sooner we can be back together again as a family. So, a May-June deployment to just get it over with and get the him the heck out of Texas would be awesome…pretty sad when someone chooses Afghanistan over Fort Hood, Texas. haha. Yes folks, it’s really that bad.

Until Next Saturday, Have a WONDERFULLY SANE week people. Send your crazy to me, and I’ll take it since I’m going there anyway!


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  1. you’re right about these “few” years when you tell your story 40 years from now… This big picture perspective helps me tremendously all the time! Basically, our entire lives are just “a drop in the bucket” anyway… I forget this all the time when I’m caught up in the day to day, but so often God pulls me back and gives me this big picture perspective… glad you caught a glimpse of it the other day…

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