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I’ve created this space as an outlet to vent my frustrations, allow my tears to fall, to laugh at the inevitable irony that is bound to happen, and to give myself at least one day a week to lose it while my husband is away. In the past, I’ve wasted our separation. I’ve allowed the deployments and TDY trips to define my emotional, physical, and spiritual states. This time, I’m taking ownership of our separation. I’m pledging to give myself at least one day a week to do whatever I want (within marital and biblical guidelines, of course). It may be an exercise goal, building something, seeing a movie, getting a massage, buying a puppy…nah, not buying a puppy…dressing up as a girl scout and selling homemade cookies door-to-door, reading a novel (probably not reading a novel…but maybe, probably not, but maybe so…but probably not…or maybe, who knows?), pinteresting like a DIY ninja, spending an entire day speaking in a random accent, and I’ll take any requests or ideas that a tactful mind can come up with while parading outside of the box.  I also have some financial goals for us to lower our debt while he’s away.

Right now, my husband is on orders to be gone for anywhere from 18-24 months. He left in the beginning of the year for Arizona. He’ll was there for 6 weeks. From there, he left for Texas (bleh). We spent 3 long years there before being stationed in our dream state. We fought tooth and nail to get out of Texas, partied like rockstars when we finally left, only to receive orders for him to go back. The boys and I didn’t go with him, because he only had a short time for training and integrating before being deployed.

I’d love some “followers” to go on this journey with me. Because the other big mistake I made in the past was trying to do it alone. I lost my personality, my sense of humor, and my self-confidence. I’m not doing that this time. I refuse to lose myself in a black hole of pity and depression. Each week is going to be an adventure of its own. I can do this. I just have to breath, pray, and set goals. One day at a time would make the whole separation time between 546-728 days. That makes it seem so long! So, I’ve decided to lengthen my goal to weeks. So, I have between 78-104 weeks until this separation period is over. I plan to take it 1 week at a time. I update my posts every Sunday evening. I love comments and love, and will get back to everyone who has something to say! Please don’t leave anything mean on here, like, “You smell like a dirty trash can full of poop,” unless is strictly a Surf’s Up reference, which in that case is totally cool. But, I cry enough…so if you have something mean to say, roll it up into a ball and toss it up in the air for the Meanie Fairy to catch. She’s got no arms, by the way, so it’ll probably fall back down and punch you in the face. Just a fair warning.

You CAN help!

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