My name is Cathi, and I’m a 100% dedicated wife, mom, and Christ follower. I have two sons and a hunk of a God-fearing husband! We love to work hard, from sun up to sun down, and we love to travel with the kids! I own and operate two businesses while living a Holistic lifestyle and Homeschooling our kids. Everything we eat is made in our own home or bought from our local Farmers Markets. We don’t pay anyone to do anything that we can do ourselves…unless it is helping to raise funds for a worthy cause.

A few years ago, the Lord convicted my heart on the food that I was feeding myself and my family. That conviction pierced my soul in such a way that I vowed to honor Him in my kitchen. After hearing God’s call to feed my family the way that HE intended us to eat, I got straight to work. I started out by grabbing a trash bag. I tossed everything that wasn’t real (which was basically everything), and then sat down and prayed. Since that day, God has continued to walk me through cooking, baking, and serving my family. Illnesses have no place in my home anymore, and I’ve seen miracles happen in the developing brains and bodies of my little ones! My husband and I are in the best shape of our lives, and I want so badly to teach other families how to live this way-the way that the good Lord intended us to live!

I know that life gets busy-trust me, I get this-but if I can do it, then so can you! We don’t make little recipes here and there. This is our real homelife! Our lifestyle is one of real food, real fun, and real devotion to the Lord and our call. Are your hearing His call on your life too? If so, then quit saying “One day,” and start saying “Today!” Grab your trash bag, spend some time in prayer, and come back and see me! We’re going to do this together, and the Lord will give you all the strength and wisdom that you need! What are you waiting for? Go!

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  1. Hi Cathi,

    I, like many others, have just read some entries on your blog and I am completely inspired by your resilience and honesty about your experience as a military wife. I am a student at California State University Long Beach located in Southern California. I am currently taking a class in Child and Family Development based on family stress and coping. All semester we are learning about the different coping mechanisms families use to remain connected and resilient through adversity. I am conducting a project on the stresses of deployment and how families cope with all the aspects of deployment including the stresses it puts on the family dynamic and the stresses it puts on the marriage and in particular the emotional intimacy of the marriage. I have been researching helpful chat rooms, blogs, forums, etc. to ask some military spouses 3-4 short questions about their experience with deployment and the effects on the family dynamic and their emotional intimacy with their spouse. I came across your blog in a Google and the title alone completely hits the nail on the head since I am interesting the coping strategies used during this difficult time. I understand that life is busy and time is a precious commodity, but I would be honored if you were volunteer your responses for my assignment. I think you are an great example of resilience and your family’s coping techniques are ones that I as well as my fellow Child and Family Development students can learn from. If you are able to provide some information, again I would be greatly honored, feel free to e-mail me back and I would be happy to provide you with the questions I had regarding your situation. They are open ended questions about your experience so you would be able to put as much detail and thought into them as you saw fit. I hope that I am able to present your story to others and that you can once again touch the lives of those who are learning how to cope with life’s challenges and sustain the balance of our most important relationships. Thank you for your time.

    Racquel Correa

  2. You just hit the nail with this one: ” I want to sit around and wallow in despair, but I can’t help but be excited about what God is going to do during this separation. He’s amazing, so I know that his plans are going to be equally as awesome” 😀

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